Work Experience


Information regarding work experience (rationale, process) is given to all students during the Careers module in Year 10. 

We encourage the placement to be arranged by the boys for the period after GCSEs in Y11.  The Careers Co-ordinator will remind boys of the process in an assembly in March/April of Year 11.  Boys are encouraged to talk to family and friends or to look online and in the local “Yellow Pages” to find suitable placements. Such placements can be for as little as one or two days or up to one week depending on the type of work and the time suggested by the employer. This should give boys a flavour of the occupation area and useful experience to use in a university or job application.

Parents/guardians should ensure that their son’s placement is safe. Company liability insurance should provide cover for accidents caused to a pupil whilst on company premises.  For insurance purposes your son would be treated as an employee. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of basic Health & Safety issues so that he does not endanger himself or others in the workplace. As part of the School’s work experience programme boys will also be covered by our insurance.


Work Experience in Toulouse, France, for Year 12 students

This is organised through Miss Munday. It takes place in December and it is an exchange programme with students from the Lycée Victor Hugo, near Toulouse.  Students from the lycée will come to High Wycombe for one week in the January of Y12 whilst they carry out work experience in and around this area. All Y11 boys are invited to apply for this. The prerequisite is that boys have achieved a grade B or above in GCSE French.

Work Experience Records

On completion of work experience, boys should summarize their placement on the report form, keeping a copy for themselves and returning one copy to the School. We also encourage boys to request a report/testimonial from employers, a copy of which should be given to the School.

All the information for Year 11 can be accessed through the RGS VLE and website.