Twilight Training


As a Senior Team we are continually impressed by the standard of the teachers within our school and we feel it is really important for us to be able to provide a platform from which to share their skills to a wider audience as possible. Twilight Training can provide this platform. We have six Twilight Training sessions this year; they are two hour after school sessions where staff have the opportunity to develop new skills.


At the start of the year Mr Wolton asked staff what areas they felt they required further training in. He also asked staff whether they felt comfortable delivering some training. The results were collated and the following 10 training slots have been offered:
• Innovative teaching using Kagan structures 
• Showing progress in a skills-based subject
• Assessment and tracking progress
• Dynamic demonstrations
• Socrative
• VLE use
• iTunesU and creating courses
• Excel
• Creative use of iPad technology
• Innovative teaching ideas for the 6th Form


Staff signed up to one of the training sessions. Over the course of the next 3 sessions the group will go through the following process:
a) To meet initially as a group to share ideas/ strategies related to the topic. This is led by the group leader.
b) Decide what they feel is possible to achieve over 3 training sessions.
c) Decide whether research will be as a single group, small groups or individual.
d) Develop and implement the ideas.
e) Share ideas and resources within the group
f) Marketplace sharing of ideas/ strategies/ resources between the different Twilight groups.

At the time of writing staff have completed their first training session and are now working on their projects.